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Today, the world situation is alarmingly similar as nationalism and populism that violate human rights are on the rise again. In this context, a new peace pipe initiative has been inaugurated. Help advance the cause of world peace and understanding. 1931, the Rotary Club Keokuk, Iowa, extended their collective hands to their Rotarian friends around the world in a series of over 500 “Peace Letters.” In 2020, eighty-nine years later, Tony Conn and Yogi Reppmann have revived the project and now are extending an invitation to any person or organization around the world to epitomize international friendship.

You are cordially invited to the Peace and Conflict Resolution Conference to be held in Northfield, Minnesota in May 23-27, 2022. Yogi Reppmann and Tony Conn are organizing an international Rotary work conference on the subject of “Dealing with the Past, - VERGANGENHEITSBEWAELTIGUNG” which will take place as a hybrid event (attendance/video) in October 2021 in Northfield, Minnesota (forty miles south of Minneapolis). The discussion points at the conference will concern how to find appropriate ways of dealing with the dark chapters of history. Four hundred years of slavery in the New World will be discussed, as well as Germany's confrontation with the Holocaust. You will experience two prestigious colleges, a vibrant downtown, and all that you might need within walking distance. We hope very much to see you at the Peace and Conflict Resolution Conference in Northfield, MN, on May 23-27, 2022! Visit: 

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"We have all sorts in our Club, about ten nationalities, at least five different languages represented, and we all find in Rotary a common meeting ground in spite of differences of Race, Religion, and Tongue. We have strong Zionists - and equally strong Anti-Zionistic Arabs in the Club. Britishers, Americans, and Germans, etc. And they all meet amicably as Rotarians although acutely disagreeing on most other points. One of my warmest friends is a German Surgeon who, as a combatant officer, faced the trenches at La Bassee in which I was serving. So you will see that we are ourselves a sort of living Pipe of Peace always being smoked."


J. Orr-Ewing, President of Rotary Club of Jerusalem, December 23, 1931. English Mission Hospital, Palestine; the club was founded by RC Cairo, 1929. Today, the only English speaking Rotary Club in Israel.