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Gitta's 70th Birthday Party Photos

"It was a great joy to take part in the big round 70th for Gitta. We felt as if we were momentarily transported back to Deutschland, a country where such festivities are typically very grand, and full of good cheer."

- Dick Crouter, Northfield, MN, world renowned Schleiermacher scholar, who loves to be in Kiel and Marburg, Germany.

Heartfelt "Thanks" to all of those who helped celebrate Gitta's 70th birthday party in authentic German-American style! Gitta and I were truly honored by your presence and touched by all of the warmth and kindness and many gifts, like white and red wine, flowers and plants, beautiful CARDS (& gift certificates), and emails and phone calls, and amazing surprises like Boo-Boo's fruit basket (Bern);elegant blanket (Wade); etc.

We know that many of you traveled great distances to be here: from other states, e.g. Missouri ('Bruni', Bob, Marilyn, & Neil); Iowa, (Joy & Roy); and even Germany (Marion Schneider and her husband Klaus-Dieter Böhm* from Thuringia and Evelyn from Schleswig-Holstein) -- about 250 guests in all; and you did not let us down! Vielen Dank!! Michael Hopfenspirger , our best Ole student of all times, took many photos, as he did 20 years ago.

We had a dream team of supporters, so we literally were guests at our own party:

- Teddy DePompolo, Plain View, MN with her husband Bob, Anna, & happy Andy;

- Evelyn Sadri, Flensburg;

- Craig D. Rice, Northfield (master of the beer keg and wine boxes);

- Sonja & Susanne Hühn, Northfield;

- Sam & Haris E minovic, New Jersey and Bosnia;

- Heidi & Bebe Diehl, Northfield

- Last, but certainly not least: Todd Thompson, our extraordinary guitarist, who led us all in exuberant song. (In Heaven there is no Beer)

The next major event will be a an international German-American conference & party of four days (yogi's 60.'round' birthday), from March 30 through April 2nd, 2017 at our home and at St. John's Lutheran Church in Northfield ; we need YOU there as our supporters!

Yours, gitta & yogi

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