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The Days after Hitler: Holocaust Boxcar Headed for Minnesota

This amazing video by, Erfurt, Thuringia, has already nearly 80 thousand clicks via WeTube:

When Berlin lay in ruins and following Hitler’s cowardly suicide, the North German city of Flensburg wrote a chapter of its own history in the first days of May 1945. This city on the border with Denmark welcomed thousands of German refugees from the eastern territories and people who had been freed from the concentration camps. But at the same time, hundreds of top-brass Nazis went into hiding in the city, which became the new “Reich capital” for a few days. Gitta & Yogi Reppmann, Flensburg & Northfield, MN, organized the transfer of this Holocaust Boxcar from 1899, Georgenthal, Thuringia to the fine Fagen Fighters WWII Museum, Granite Falls, MN. Additional TV documentation of this unusual complex of events during the final days of the war in Flensburg: A Flensburg Perspective: Erna de Vries and The Holocaust Boxcar. A Powerful Admonition Against Anti-Semitism by Friedhelm Caspari & Joachim Reppmann. Books can be ordered at: (Printing on Demand)

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