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Zoom Talk by Sabine Schwachula, PhD, Rotary E-Club Cologne, Germany, August 30, 2021

E-CLUB 30-08-2021 RotaryPeace_fellowships_presentation e-Club (1)
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Brief historical overview of Rotarian peace initiatives:

Every world peace initiative is given a new and sad urgency in view of the bloody wars that are raging all over the world. While people are being tortured and murdered in the Middle East, Eastern Europe, Central Africa and many other places, the message of renunciation of violence and reconciliation needs to be conveyed louder and more energetically. In view of the horror in Kabul, the helplessness that grips us all here, but also our need for information, for opportunities to act, has moved us to take a closer look today at the first focus of the Rotary Foundation.

Schwachula Brief historical overview of Rotarian peace initiatives
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