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The Conference - Excursions

The Naval Academy Marineschule Mürwik is part of a very interesting footnote to the history of World War II. On April 30, 1945, Adolf Hitler committed suicide. In his will, he condemned both Hermann Göring and Heinrich Himmler as traitors and expelled them from the Nazi Party. He also designated Grand Admiral Karl Dönitz as his successor and Supreme Commander of the armed forces.

Glücksburg Castle received its name from the motto of Duke Johann II: Gott Gebe Glück Mit Frieden, which roughly translated means "God grant happiness with freedom" or "God grant happiness and peace" The initial letters of this motto (GGGMF) along with the duke's coat of arms can be found above the castle entrance. Schloß Glücksburg was finished in 1587, and today is Germany's largest "water castle" and one of the most significant buildings in Northern Europe.

Click on the PDF symbol to download Flensburg p. 5 - 15 and p. 158 - 168

Princess Elisabeth and the Water Castle Glücksburg near Flensburg p. 169 - 184

What does Moin-Moin mean?

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