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Article by Washington Post Explores Conference Topics

I am not suggesting that slavery and the Holocaust or the forced removal of Native American peoples are all in the same vein. They are each distinctly diabolical. But comparing these two countries’ paths forward from a dark past is instructive.

Michele L. Norris, June 3rd, 2021, Washington Post

Americans, by concerning themselves with the crimes of National Socialism, might learn something about the country’s own dark chapter of slavery. Many have also taken special interest in the “Stumbling Blocks,” of which 75,000 have been placed in front of dwellings in many German cities and towns. Their purpose is to commemorate those Jewish fellow citizens who were driven out or murdered during the Nazi period.

These topics and more will be explored by our Rotary Work Conference, Oct. 18-23, 2021, Northfield, MN:

Tentative program, conference magazine, "p'review", p.55:

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